Tis the season for shopping for all the ones we love! Unfortunately there’s some people that are just difficult to shop for – you know the one – your bestie who is on top of all the latest trends and doesn’t hesitate to buy what she wants when she wants! Are you always at a loss of what to get that person in your life? Well, we have got you covered! Here are six awesome gift ideas that are cutting edge and sustainable – perfect for that hard-to-buy-for person who wants to make sure they are reducing their carbon footprint AND look fashionable while doing it!

Sustainable Jewelry Subscription

Okay, so we’re probably biased, but who doesn’t love receiving jewelry? This present is especially good for eco-friendly fashionistas. They’ll receive new, high quality pieces of jewelry every month and can rest assured that they aren’t contributing to fast fashion. As a bonus, they’ll be reminded of how much you care about them every time they wear their new jewelry. 

If you’re not sure which style to choose for their box, think about the types of jewelry they already wear – and if you have to do some covert social media sleuthing, that is totally acceptable! A trip down Instagram memory lane to figure out her taste in jewelry will help you appreciate her friendship even more AND help you easily figure out her taste in jewelry! 

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Sustainable Clothing

Sometimes shopping for clothing for a loved one can feel overwhelming – and if your fashionista friend is also all about keeping Mother Earth green for years to come, you might not know where to start. In recent years, many brands have been taking a stand and moving away from fast fashion (where we know a lot of clothes end up in the dreaded landfill) and working towards sustainability. This list breaks down different clothing brands that are dedicated to creating beautiful clothing that is good for the environment – and you’ll be sure to find a brand that matches your friend’s aesthetic. Your friend will be sure to love the cute sweater you picked out for her, but she’ll be thrilled when she finds out that it’s sustainable, too!

Reusable Shopping/Grocery Bags

Of course everyone has at least 10 eco-friendly totes, right? But aren’t most of them ones that you want to hide and you got as a promotional giveaway? Hit your local market on a Saturday with the cutest canvas tote that fits your personality. There are literally thousands upon thousands of designs and you’re certain to find one that matches your loved one’s personality! Baggu is the perfect place to find a bag that vibes with your general aesthetic all while supporting the sustainable movement and who doesn’t love that?

Eco Friendly Home Goods

One of our favorite dual purpose gifts that we found this season is this candle that doubles as a bread pan when you’re done! This gift is perfect for the person who found their love of baking in March of 2020 when everyone all of a sudden started baking no-knead bread. But, if the person you’re shopping for is more likely to use uber eats for their Saturday dinner rolls, then this bread pan makes a great place to toss your keys after a night out on the town. 

Fairtrade Foods 

Fairtrade has been a buzzword in recent years, but do you know what it actually means? By purchasing products that are Fairtrade you are ensuring that the farmers and workers were paid a fair wage for the products they make and sell. There are tons of different gourmet goodies you can gift that will have your loved one begging to know where you found them. Chocolate, coffee, tea – these and countless other products can be found in stores near you or online! This website makes it easy for you to find a thoughtful product online OR helps you find a place near you where you can buy Fairtrade products.

Make a Donation in Their Name 

If we’re being honest, there really is nothing cooler than giving back – and if the person you’re shopping for is passionate about a specific cause why not consider making a donation in their name? Whether it be for animal advocacy, local organizations, or a health related cause that has emotional ties to them – this can ultimately be the most important gift they receive this season. 

If you’re feeling extra giving this holiday season – you can bundle all these gifts together to make the ultimate sustainable gift basket. 

In the end – you know the person you’re shopping for best of all. Whether you take our ideas or this has sparked an idea of your own, we hope that you’re well on your way to making that special person on your list smile this holiday season! 

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