Who We Are

Reclaimed With Love is a non-profit project from our parent company, the
NES Group, one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the country.


Our Goal is to Reduce the Demand for
New Jewelry by Upcycling Premium
Pieces that Might Otherwise Be

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A History of Sustainable Jewelry

For more than 14 years, our parent company has led the way in sustainable practices, leading a zero-waste mission on personal and corporate levels. NES Group has continuously upheld environmentally-responsible practices to combat the harmful impact of the jewelry and fashion industry on the environment and do our part to promote sustainable fashion.


Fashion, Ethics, Sustainability: What Reclaimed With Love Is All About

We created Reclaimed With Love to get beautiful jewelry in the hands
of conscious consumers at a fraction of the cost. Rather than leaning
into the fast fashion demand (and contributing to the fashion industry’s
massive carbon footprint and environmental impact), we wanted to drive
existing products into the market to meet the needs and desires of
our customers.

Our Eco-Friendly

We have always been mindful of the impact our
company has on the environment and our consumers,
and Reclaimed With Love is the latest extension of our
eco-friendly mission.