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Feel Good About What You Wear

Tired of choosing between affordable jewelry and sustainable pieces? Wish you had beautiful jewelry that didn’t cost a fortune? Each box from Reclaimed With Love features upcycled premium jewelry at a low cost so you don’t compromise your social and sustainable values for fashion. We’re committed to an environmentally responsible approach so you can look and feel good about what you wear.

We Aren’t Just Taking Advantage of the Sustainability Trend, We Are Supporting the Eco-Friendly Movement.

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Who are we?

Reclaimed With Love is a non-profit project started by our parent company, NES Group, the first jewelry manufacturer to use recycled metals, which we've been doing for over 14 years.


Our Mission

Driven by zero-waste initiatives, we have always been mindful of our environmental impact. We aim to be environmentally responsible and lower the demand for newly manufactured products.

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Our Process

We’ve started Reclaimed With Love to meet your need for beautiful jewelry with existing pieces rather than contributing to the carbon footprint of fast fashion.

For us, ethically sourced and responsible jewelry isn't just a movement. It's the way we've always done business.

Join Us in Disrupting the Fast Fashion Cycle


of global carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry generating a lot of greenhouse gases.


is about sending nothing to the landfill and reusing what we have instead.


of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within 1 year of being made.


benifits are saving materials from landfill, reducing what goes into landfill and Minimal use of natural resources.

Affordable Demi-fine Jewelry with a Story You’re Proud to Share.

We truly believe in this mission. We just want to prevent unnecessary waste and give new life to unused or extra pieces that would otherwise be trashed or destroyed. We’re disrupting the fast fashion cycle with beautiful upcycled products for conscious consumers, and you can be a part of this sustainable solution. The price of your subscription basically covers the cost of packaging materials and shipping, so you can receive sustainable pieces without breaking the bank.

How It Works

Build your collection with beautiful, sustainably-sourced pieces from one of the world’s top jewelry suppliers.

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1. Join Our

Tell us who you are, what you like, and how many pieces of upcycled jewelry you want to receive, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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2. Get Your
First Box

Each month, we’ll curate a box of hand-selected premium jewelry, just for you. Subscriptions will be mailed out every first week of the month. After your first shipment, you can opt out of packaging to further reduce waste!

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3. Wear It
or Share It

We hope you love every piece of premium jewelry you receive, but if a piece doesn’t match your style, we want you to gift it to a friend instead of tossing it away.

Love Your Box?
Share It on Social Media

Share a pic on social media and tag us @reclaimed.withlove!

Love Your Box? Share It on Social Media

Share a pic on social media and tag us @reclaimed.withlove!


Not In Love?

Give It to a Friend!

Each box comes with sustainable gift packaging so you can share your jewelry with someone who might love it even more. You’ll also receive a gift note, printed on recycled paper with soy ink, with a discount code for 10%, so you can keep the cycle going and help reduce fast fashion waste.

These are Our Values.

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As pioneers in the sustainable fashion space, we strive to support ethical working conditions and sustainable practices, focusing on quality and longevity over fleeting trends and profit. Whether you’re a devout thrifter or a jewelry lover seeking one-of-a-kind pieces, we know that finding beautiful, guilt-free pieces can be challenging and expensive. But you don’t have to settle for hit-or-miss boutique finds and fast fashion options off the rack. Build your collection with beautiful upcycled selections from Reclaimed With Love instead.

Be Part of
Our Mission

We've been creating beautiful jewelry for more than 22 years, always keeping design and elegance at the forefront without compromising on our foundation of sustainable, ethical practices. Now, you can be a part of our mission by joining us at Reclaimed with Love.

Buy Less.
Choose Well.
Make It Last.


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