Our Mission

What we hope to achieve.


Reclaimed With Love is an
Environmentally Responsible Jewelry
Subscription Service, Offering Upcycled
Demi-Fine Pieces at an Affordable Price.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Following in the footsteps of our parent company, the Reclaimed With Love brand complements our parent company’s existing eco-friendly initiatives, such as using recycled metals, ethically-sourced stones, and reusable or repurposed packaging.


How We Embrace
Sustainable Fashion.

We Are Disrupting the Fast Fashion Cycle

We are disrupting the fast fashion industry model by satisfying the desire for new jewelry with upcycled, reclaimed products.

We Aren’t Looking to Make a Profit; We Simply Want to Be a Part of the Solution

We want to prevent unnecessary waste and avoid contributing to the demand for newly-manufactured jewelry through the Reclaimed With Love project. Rather than allow extra, unwanted pieces of our premium jewelry to be discarded or destroyed, we are giving these pieces new life and allowing our conscious consumers to enjoy beautiful jewelry without spending a fortune. The cost of your subscription mostly covers the cost of packaging materials and shipping. We aren’t looking to make a profit; we simply want to be a part of the solution.

We are a Community of
Conscious Consumers

We practice slow fashion, which promotes product longevity and
quality as well as environmentally-neutral practices and ethical
working conditions.

Unique, Guilt-Free Pieces

It’s important to us, as well as our customers, to know that the products we love are both ethical and sustainable. Conscious consumers shop with purpose, making informed decisions about the products they purchase. We’re thrilled to offer a sustainable jewelry subscription service that supports this initiative. We want to bring together like-minded people, whether they hunt for jewelry at thrift stores, adore upcycled jewelry, or simply want unique, guilt-free pieces to add to their collections.

Join Reclaimed With Love to Receive Hand-Picked Upcycled Jewelry Delivered to Your Door