Who doesn’t like a good sneak peek? Ever since we were children, we’ve enjoyed sneaking around to get a quick behind-the-scenes look. Whether that was to gauge if our favorite foods were ready or if our Christmas gifts were hidden somewhere unwrapped, humans have always been curious creatures. And the reason for that is simple: we like to know what to expect. So why stop that childlike wonder now? 

At Reclaimed With Love, we certainly don’t want to extinguish the child inside you, which is why we’re giving you a sneak peek into how our stylist handpicks the unique, carefully crafted jewelry in your box. 

A delicate balancing act

Similar to the lengths a person goes to organize a surprise before revealing it at the opportune time, our stylist takes great precaution when curating your box before it hits your doorstep. A lot goes on behind the scenes, with our stylist prioritizing intentionality and your style profile to ensure you receive items that suit you and your distinct personality. 

While a delicate balance, thoughtfulness and your unique preferences lead our stylist to curate one-of-a-kind boxes that never have the same item twice and always mirror your individual style. Most of the boxes fall into one of our four categories: modern glam, boho chic, polished and refined, and unexpectedly edgy. 

With a modern glam box, our stylist is careful about the items they consider. 

“When putting together a modern glam box, I look for a few things in particular: stones, chains, and pendants,” Marcy said. “I pull out the glitzier items, but they’re nothing too showy unless the customer’s style profile hints that they like to make a statement.”   

For boho chic boxes, our stylist maintains the same thoughtful approach, preferring to pick distinct items that deliver a simpler and updated vibe versus a boho style that flaunts lots of beads and feathers. 

“When I’m crafting a boho chic box, I tend to look for trendier pieces that typically have fewer stones, more enamel, and oftentimes, color,” Marcy said. 

This approach allows them to craft a collection of items that can tastefully stand alone and be layered with other jewelry. Because boho pieces include icons like celestial wonders, hearts, and flowers, they can easily hold their own or work together to provide an artful statement, all in an elevated way. 

The jewelry in polished and refined boxes can also stand alone or be creatively layered with other pieces. They can even overlap with items in other categories. But what will make the polished and refined jewelry in your box unique is the rare vibe each item brings to deliver a minimal, classic, but confident look. 

“When I discover someone wants polished and refined jewelry, I select our more understated pieces, like smaller stones and pendants, daintier chains, and barely-there rings,” Marcy said.  

Of course, if you want a bolder look, our stylist is intentional about providing that when curating the unexpectedly edgy boxes. The items in these collections are more eye-catching and attention-grabbing. 

“This category includes statement pieces, bolder silhouettes, and more noticeable jewelry,” Marcy said.  

Even though the edgy items are designed to make a statement, all of the jewelry in the box coordinates, and our stylist is conscious about offering that cohesiveness with every box, regardless of the category. Variety and unity coexist in each collection, another delicate balance our stylist achieves. 

A surprise that’s worth it 

Jewelry is personal. So when our stylist handpicks the two or more items for your box, they know your preferences will guide whether the selection makes you happy, but the goal is to choose pieces you’ll love every time. 

“It’s important to consider that the customer has no idea what they’re going to receive, so each box is curated with thought and care because we want them to be pleasantly surprised upon opening their box,” Marcy said.

Hopefully, this sneak peek into our stylist’s process gives you confidence that the surprise will be worth it and pleasant indeed. But the only way to know for sure is to unravel your own box from Reclaimed With Love. After all, it’s not enough to preview the selection process. Real jewelry lovers also dare to try on the final result. 

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