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Purchasing Upcycled Designer Jewelry and
Other Eco-Friendly Pieces Are Socially
Responsible Ways to Add Beautiful Jewelry
to Your Collection.

What Is Upcycled Jewelry?

By definition, upcycling refers to the process of taking existing items or
materials, often discarded, and giving them a second life, typically
through alteration or modification. Upcycled, recycled jewelry often
entails transformation. By taking a piece (or the elements of a piece)
and creating something new or altered, consumers and designers can
prevent intact jewelry from decaying in landfills, thereby reducing
waste. Upcycling is a loosely defined practice that is more about the
sustainable mission and outcome than the actual process. In some cases,
you may find upcycled bracelets that have been simply rescued
from being trashed.

How to Upcycle Jewelry

Upcycling jewelry is a worthwhile practice that can reduce
waste, manufacturing costs, and strain on natural resources.
Jewelry designers may have the tools and skills necessary to
upcycle jewelry on their own, creating new pieces from
existing materials. The process of jewelry recycling may be
as simple as restringing pendants or charms on new or
recycled chains to create upcycled necklaces. Upcycled
jewelry can also entail more complex and technical
practices, such as wire-wrapping crystals or setting
repurposed gemstones. Sustainable jewelry takes many
forms, and you can help make a difference by supporting
ethical jewelry brands who uphold eco-friendly and
conscious jewelry practices like upcycling.

Reclaimed With Love
Distributes Complete Pieces of
Jewelry that Would Otherwise
Be Discarded.

We wholeheartedly support the process of transforming and upcycling
jewelry in addition to other sustainable practices. We are also in the
practice of donating leftover jewelry so that others can upcycle them and
give them new life.

Making an
Environmental Impact
by Upcycling Jewelry
and More

Instead of buying newly-manufactured pieces of
jewelry, upcycling jewelry is a more sustainable and
eco-friendly practice for fashion lovers and conscious
consumers alike.

NES Group: A Leader Among
Sustainable Jewelry

Our parent company has been one of the best ethical jewelry brands for
more than 14 years. While NES Group is not an upcycled jewelry company,
we have consistently practiced an eco-neutral business model that has
solidified us as a leader among sustainable jewelry brands.

Disrupting the
Cycle of Fast

Disrupting the Cycle of Fast Fashion

The fast fashion industry is a major contributor to pollution
and unnecessary waste. Because fast jewelry pieces are
lower in quality, they don’t last long, and they will quickly
wind up in a landfill because they are treated as disposable.

Fast fashion encourages consumers to purchase cheap pieces
of jewelry and discard them when the pieces inevitably break
or the buyer loses interest. We strive to disrupt this cycle by
upcycling jewelry to promote more sustainable buying
practices and limit the amount of low-quality products that
are sold and quickly discarded.

Unnecessary Waste

Demi-fine jewelry is of a much higher quality than typical
costume or other mass-produced jewelry, and by
upcycling intact pieces rather than disposing of them when we can
easily reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Limiting Our
Carbon Footprint

Among other practices, upcycling jewelry is one way we seek
to limit our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on
our environment. Rather than only creating new jewelry and
trashing older, unsold pieces, we can upcycle jewelry
instead, giving new life to pieces that have plenty of value
without wasting resources or sending products to landfills.

What Sustainable
Fashion and Upcycled
Jewelry Means to Us

As a non-profit project from our parent company,
Reclaimed With Love aims to reduce the demand for
new jewelry by upcycling premium pieces that might
otherwise be discarded.

Keep Quality
Products Out of

Too often, manufacturers send pieces of jewelry to landfills
simply because they didn’t sell. These pieces are often high-
quality and have nothing wrong with them, but the fast
fashion industry expects manufacturers to keep up with trends
and demands. Rather than following this belief, we are
determined to keep quality, intact products out of landfills
and instead put them into the hands of conscious consumers
who will love them.

Adopt and Uphold

In addition to manufacturing jewelry from recycled materials,
we uphold numerous eco-friendly initiatives to do our part in
combating the environmental impact of fast fashion and the
jewelry industry. For more than 14 years, NES Group has also
committed to using ethically-sourced stones as well as
reusable or repurposed packaging materials.

Reject Wasteful
Practices by Using
Recycled Materials

The entire principle of upcycled entails repurposing quality materials and giving them new life. When we design and manufacture new products, we do so with recycled metal jewelry materials, cutting back on waste and reducing the environmental impact of our jewelry production, which can be astronomical when mining and refining new materials.
We also use recycled and reusable materials in our
packaging to ensure sustainability flows through our entire

Reclaimed With Love: The Ethical, Sustainable Jewelry
Subscription Box for You

Looking for a sustainable jewelry box subscription? With a Reclaimed
With Love subscription, you’ll get pieces of beautiful, long-lasting
jewelry delivered to your door every month. Our brand is dedicated
to upholding and encouraging sustainable practices, including
upcycling pieces of jewelry and giving them new life.

Upcycled jewelry is all about giving pieces a second life, and the
beauty of upcycling is that its possibilities are endless! At Reclaimed
With Love, we may not utilize all the techniques listed here.

However you may choose to make your jewelry collection more
sustainable, we’re so happy to join you in making our world a better

A Community of
Conscious Consumers

Reclaimed With Love is more than a monthly subscription.
We’re part of a sustainable movement, connecting conscious
consumers and delivering pieces of beautiful jewelry to wear
or gift. As part of our mission, we embrace and promote
sustainability by rescuing and redistributing high-quality
pieces of jewelry that would otherwise be discarded. We
know how important it is for conscious consumers to find
sustainable fashion options, so we’re making it easy and
affordable to have a positive impact on the environment.

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With Love Community

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Upcycled /
Recycled Jewelry FAQ

Eco-friendly jewelry can come in many forms. Jewelry made from recycled materials, as well as repurposed or upcycled jewelry, are often considered to be eco-friendly.

Sustainability in the jewelry industry typically refers to transparency, ethical sourcing of materials, use of sustainable materials, and environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes. As such, sustainable jewelry is created with these practices in place.

Repurposed jewelry refers to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry that have been given new life, either through recycling their materials or altering the pieces for resale.

Conscious consumers are driven by their dedication to make a social, environmental, or economic impact with their purchases. When it comes to buying jewelry, conscious consumers are more likely to seek sustainable and ethical options.

The fast fashion industry is a major source of pollution, carbon emissions, and waste. While fast fashion makes cheaper clothing and jewelry, the environmental impact – including the contribution of 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions and excessive water consumption – makes the industry unsustainable and detrimental to the welfare of the planet and its populations.
Fast fashion also requires massive energy consumption for processes like textile creation, and the rapid, mass production of goods has repeatedly been tied to forced labor and child labor in countries such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Ethically-sourced jewelry typically extends beyond environmental concerns and also accounts for humanitarian ideals. If you are looking to buy ethical jewelry, you need to identify jewelry brands that comply with recognized labor standards, with the most common standard being International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.

In order to achieve compliance, jewelry manufacturers must not use materials or processes that use child labor or forced labor. Additionally, work conditions must not pose adverse health or safety concerns.

All of these types of jewelry entail the sustainable repurposing of pieces or their components, but they do have some notable differences relating to value. Recycling simply means reusing something that has already been used without alteration. When it comes to jewelry, buying pre-owned pieces can count as recycling!
Upcycling typically involves taking something and adding value to it, either by altering the piece or extending its life cycle. Creating a new piece of jewelry from the materials of another piece or salvaging a discarded piece of jewelry to wear or gift is a great way to upcycle materials. The upcycling process is a great way to conserve energy, limit waste, and prolong the life of jewelry.
On the other hand, downcycling is a similar process to that of upcycling, but in transforming an existing piece, downcycling entails taking existing products or materials and making them into something unnecessary or less valuable. This practice is a good way to reduce unnecessary waste when the products or materials have low values or limited life spans.

Don’t just throw away your old jewelry! There are plenty of sustainable alternatives when it comes to getting rid of pieces you don’t wear anymore, including:

• Giving them to a friend
• Donating them
• Selling them online
• Selling them to a jewelry store
• Selling them to a jewelry manufacturer that uses recycled materials
• Upcycling them into something you want to wear, gift, or sell

Reclaimed With Love: A Monthly
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