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Jewelry Clubs and Boxes Available Online

Browsing for jewelry subscription services or an accessory subscription box will reveal that there are dozens of different boxes you can pick. Ultimately, you can narrow down your choices by deciding the type and quality of jewelry you want to receive, whether you want to rent or buy the pieces, and what kinds of companies you want to support. While some companies provide rental jewelry subscriptions, Reclaimed With Love lets you keep every piece you receive! Joining the Reclaimed With Love jewelry membership program will get you between 1 and 3 pieces (your choice!) of demi-fine jewelry to keep each month. The pieces you’ll receive will be upcycled or rescued from being discarded, not because they’re damaged or flawed but because they didn’t sell fast enough. Want to learn more? Here’s what to expect from your subscription!


Sustainable Jewelry Subscription

Conscious consumers who want to contribute to the fight against fast fashion will find that subscribing to sustainable jewelry monthly subscriptions is a great way to promote sustainability without sacrificing their love of fashion.

With the Reclaimed With Love project, we believe in supporting a sustainable mission by sending high-quality, unique pieces of jewelry to our subscribers at an affordable price. If you are a lover of beautiful thrifted or upcycled jewelry, Reclaimed With Love is the subscription service for you!

Jewelry of the
Month Club

A subscription service like this will often send all of its subscribers the same items rather than personalizing each box. Subscribing to an earring of the month club, for example, may mean that you get the same pair of earrings that every other subscriber has received.

Because monthly jewelry clubs need a large quantity of the same item, the pieces may not be of the highest quality. However, if you find a brand you consistently like, you may have luck with a monthly jewelry membership like this!

Minimalist Jewelry

Not a fan of bold, chunky looks? You can opt for a minimalist jewelry subscription box. Most jewelry monthly subscription boxes offer a variety of styles, so you can communicate your preference for minimalism when you subscribe.

Fashion Jewelry
Subscription Box

Looking for a range of styles that don’t break the bank? Fashion jewelry and costume pieces may already be staples of your collection. Since they aren’t manufactured to last a long time, signing up for a subscription box for this type of jewelry could help you keep your collection full.
However, fashion jewelry can be majorly detrimental to the environment, contributing to a ton of unnecessary waste. It’s important to keep in mind that, in the fast fashion industry, manufacturing these pieces can involve some unethical practices, too.

Types of Jewelry You
Can Select & Receive
in a ​​Jewelry Box

When you subscribe to a jewelry box monthly, you may receive different types of jewelry, depending on their products and your preferences. Most services will send you a variety (unless you indicate what you want or don’t want), but there are some jewelry boxes that specialize in particular types of jewelry.

When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, you won’t just get one type of jewelry, however. We’ll send you a variety of pieces that we think you’ll love.

Here’s what you might find in a jewelry subscription box!



Growing your earring collection or looking for more variety? An earring subscription box may be the answer!

Earring subscription boxes are more common than other services offering specific types of jewelry, and most jewelry boxes have the potential to include earrings even if they aren’t dedicated to them. With an earring subscription, you can get pieces in a range of styles, from minimalistic to bold and trendy.

Many boxes, like Reclaimed With Love, include earrings as an option that you can receive; you won’t get earrings every month, but if you want to receive earrings, let us know!


Whether you want something dainty or a statement piece, rings come in a variety of styles to suit your preferences. With a ring subscription box, you’ll get new rings with every shipment.

While Reclaimed With Love isn’t strictly a ring subscription service, you may receive rings in your monthly box!


The fashion-forward will thrive with a necklace subscription box. From mixing metals to layering, necklaces are often the center of the most prominent jewelry trends, so growing your collection with monthly subscription boxes for jewelry can give you plenty of options no matter the occasion.

You may not receive necklaces every month in your Reclaimed With Love box, but if you select them as a type of jewelry you like, we’ll look for necklaces we think you’ll enjoy!


Adding a bracelet to your outfit is one of the simplest ways to complete your look. Signing up for a bracelet subscription box, or a box that offers bracelets as an option, will get you accessories in the styles you love, and you won’t need to go shopping for them!

We won’t just send you bracelets every month, but choosing bracelets as a type of jewelry you want to receive will let us know to keep an eye out for pieces to send to you.


Many jewelry subscriptions like Reclaimed With Love send a variety of jewelry pieces to their subscribers. If you really love earrings, don’t have enough bracelets, or have other preferences, you can indicate those when you fill out the service’s initial questionnaire.

When You Might
Consider a Jewelry
Monthly Box

You don’t need a reason to treat yourself. But there are a number of situations that could compel you to seek out the best jewelry subscription boxes, like:

Replacing Old Jewelry

Tired of your collection? Whether it’s been years since you updated it or you’re noticing some wear and tear on your favorite pieces, monthly jewelry subscriptions can help you replace older jewelry with items that are stylish and trendy. The best part? You don’t have to do any of the legwork.

Changing Your Style

Need a style refresh? Jewelry monthly boxes can help you build up your collection to match your new look. Even if you’re just experimenting or looking for more variety, jewelry subscription boxes make it easy to expand your collection.

Giving A Gift

Strapped for gift ideas? A jewelry box subscription makes a great gift! She’ll be delighted to receive a thoughtful, valuable gift that tells her you know her well. With options lasting 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, gift subscriptions make it easy to give her something meaningful and valuable. Surprise someone with jewelry that matches her style, supports her values, and makes her look and feel good by giving her a gift membership to Reclaimed With Love.

Embracing Sustainable

Want to make a change? Subscribing to monthly jewelry box subscriptions that promote sustainability and uphold eco-friendly and ethical practices is a great way to support a good cause, fight fast fashion, and stay stylish.

Learn About Reclaimed With Love and NES Group’s Sustainable Practices


What You Can Expect From
Your Reclaimed With Love
Jewelry Subscription

When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, we hope you’ll find that we’re the best jewelry subscription box out there, providing members of a conscious consumer community with beautiful pieces of jewelry that they can feel good about.

Style Survey

We want to get to know you! Fill out a questionnaire letting us know what types of jewelry you like, and we’ll take your preferences into consideration when curating your jewelry.

We’ll show you some options to choose from, but keep in mind that the actual pieces you’ll receive may vary – every box is unique!

Curated Selections

Now that we know what you’re interested in, our team hand-picks pieces for your order. With your curated jewelry box membership, we’ll select jewelry that matches your preferences and aligns with the choices you’ve provided.

We hope you love your new pieces as much as we do!

Optional, Recycled

When you receive your jewelry subscription, it will come with:

•Sustainable gift packaging made with recycled paper and reusable board
•A handwritten gift note from us, printed on recycled paper with soy ink

When you place your first monthly jewelry box subscription order, you can opt out of packaging materials at checkout, helping us further reduce our carbon footprint!

Wear and Share

Adding a bracelet to your outfit is one of the simplest ways to complete your look. Signing up for a bracelet subscription box, or a box that offers bracelets as an option, will get you accessories in the styles you love, and you won’t need to go shopping for them!

We won’t just send you bracelets every month, but choosing bracelets as a type of jewelry you want to receive will let us know to keep an eye out for pieces to send to you.

What Sets Reclaimed
With Love Apart As A Monthly
Jewelry Box

We’re somewhat new to the subscription jewelry space, but our parent company, NES Group, has been a leader in the jewelry manufacturing industry for more than 20 years.


Since its inception, the NES Group has led the way in designing beautiful jewelry inspired by international research. Every season, our designers generate thousands of new ideas after uncovering new trends and putting their unique, creative spin on them.

When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, you’ll receive trendy, premium pieces of jewelry with designs that draw on more than 20 years of innovation and expertise.


We were the first jewelry manufacturer to solely use recycled metals in our jewelry. Nearly 15 years ago, we partnered with a refinery to supply refined metals instead of newly-mined materials, allowing us to reduce our role in the environmental and ethical costs of mining.

The fast fashion industry exploits millions of underpaid workers and participates in other unethical practices to churn out mass quantities of cheaply-made products. For our jewelry, we exclusively use ethically-sourced stones to combat this issue.

We will never sacrifice ethics or sustainability for profit.


With thousands of new jewelry designs each season, our parent company produces beautiful pieces with high-quality, ethically-sourced, sustainable materials. With proper care, these pieces will last longer than anything the fast fashion industry could produce.

We are dedicated to creating trendy pieces of jewelry that suit a range of styles and delight our customers. When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, you’ll receive some of the high-quality pieces we’ve worked hard to create at a fraction of the retail cost.

Get Beautiful, Guilt-Free
Pieces Delivered to Your
Door With the Reclaimed
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If you’ve been searching for the best monthly jewelry subscription boxes, we’re happy you found us! When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, you’ll be joining a community of conscious consumers who believe in sustainable, ethical practices and want to feel good about their style choices. We’re excited to have you!

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