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When you subscribe to Reclaimed With Love, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded jewelry lovers who want to be a part of the solution to the fast fashion business model.

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What We Need From You

When you sign up to receive your first box from Reclaimed With Love, you’ll need to provide: Your name / Your email / Your mailing address / Your billing information

You’ll also need to choose how many pieces of jewelry you want to receive. Between orders, you can change your preferences at any time.

Curated Selections Delivered to Your Door

After you provide your information and finalize your subscription, we’ll hand-pick pieces of upcycled premium jewelry that we think you’ll love. You’ll get an email notification when we ship out your box, and you can start counting down the days until your shipment arrives!

Beautiful, Sustainably-Sourced Jewelry for Your Collection or a Friend.

When you receive your first box from Reclaimed With Love, you’ll find upcycled premium jewelry that you can wear or share. Each piece is curated with you in mind.

If You Love Your New Jewelry, We Want to Hear About It!

Snap a pic and tag us @reclaimed.withlove! on Instagram.


If You Don’t Love It, That’s Okay.

Continue the Cycle and Gift Your Jewelry to a Friend

At checkout, you’ll have the option to opt out of packaging materials, giving you another opportunity to support the zero-waste movement.

Want More?

Reclaimed With Love provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and every piece you’ll receive is hand-picked from a limited supply of upcycled jewelry. If you love what you get, you can change your subscription to include one, two, or three pieces of premium jewelry before your scheduled payment date each month.

Hand-Picked, Sustainably-Sourced Jewelry, Delivered Right to Your Door

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