Our Jewelry

The demi-fine jewelry from Reclaimed With Love comes from one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in the country.

We’ve Been Committed to Creating Beautiful Jewelry Designs for Over 20 Years.

Premium Jewelry

The premium jewelry we include in your subscription represents our long-standing commitment to value, sustainability, and beauty. These upcycled pieces may feature refined metals such as sterling silver and stainless steel as well as sustainably-sourced materials like cubic zirconia, crystals, marcasite, and semi-precious stones.

Reclaimed With Love delivers affordable, upcycled demi-fine jewelry directly to your door.

Trendy, Sustainable Pieces

The NES Group creates thousands of new jewelry designs each season after designers conduct international research to uncover emerging trends and develop new, exciting styles. Through your Reclaimed With Love subscription, you can receive trendy, beautiful pieces that don’t make it to the shelves and would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

Examples of Upcycled Jewelry You Could Receive

Wondering what you’ll get in your Reclaimed With Love box? Your box will contain hand-selected pieces similar to the reclaimed jewelry depicted below.

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A subscription to Reclaimed With Love is a simple and affordable way to fight the environmental impact of fast fashion and add beautiful new pieces to your collection.

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