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Q: What is Reclaimed with Love?

A: Reclaimed with Love is an environmentally responsible jewelry subscription service, offering upcycled demi-fine pieces at an affordable price. This is a ‘not for profit’ project following in the footsteps of our parent company, The NES Group. The Reclaimed with Love brand complements our parent company’s existing eco-friendly initiatives, such as using recycled metals, ethically sourced stones, and reusable or repurposed packaging. Feel good about your fashion choices without compromising your style when you subscribe to Reclaimed with Love.

Q: How does it work?

A: Reclaimed with Love provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and every piece you’ll receive is hand-picked from a limited supply of upcycled jewelry. Every month, you’ll receive one, two, or three pieces of ethical, upcycled jewelry based on the option you choose. Everyone’s style is unique so before sending you your first piece of jewelry we’d get to know you a little better with a personalized style quiz! Your selections will be taken into consideration when we curate your box, but the unique pieces you receive may vary. At checkout, you’ll also have the option to opt out of packaging materials, giving you another opportunity to support the zero-waste movement.

After you provide your information and finalize your subscription, we’ll hand-pick pieces of upcycled premium jewelry that we think you’ll love. You’ll get an email notification when we ship out your box, and you can start counting down the days until your shipment arrives! When you receive your first box from Reclaimed with Love, you’ll find beautiful pieces that you can wear or share. Each piece is curated with you in mind.

Q: How do you keep costs so low? This seems too good to be true!

A: We want to prevent unnecessary waste and avoid contributing to the demand for newly manufactured jewelry through the Reclaimed with Love project. Rather than allow extra unwanted pieces of our premium jewelry to be discarded or destroyed, we are giving these pieces new life and allowing our conscious consumers to enjoy beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank. The cost of your subscription mostly covers the cost of packaging materials and shipping- not even the jewelry! We aren’t looking to make a profit; we simply want to be a part of the solution.


Q: When will my first box arrive?

A:  Your first box is shipped out within 15 days from your original order date and future subscriptions are on a 30 day cycle after that. We ship out new orders twice a month, but you may receive your box sooner. To keep prices low and support our non-profit mission, we have a super small team who curates and ships each box with love. We know you would be super excited to receive it- bear with us! We will ship as quickly as possible and share tracking info so you can follow along!

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: We currently only ship within the Continental US.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We ship through USPS + DHL and charge a discounted flat rate of $2.95. Our parent company helps offset the shipping cost to keep prices down so you will be a member for a long time to come!


Q: Why am I receiving a silhouette I did not select?

A: The beauty of Reclaimed with Love is the randomized selection each month’s box brings. Your selections will be taken into consideration when we curate your box, but the unique pieces you receive may vary.

Not in love with your pieces? Gift it to a friend! Each box comes with sustainable gift packaging so you can share your jewelry with someone who might love it even more. You’ll also receive a gift note, printed on recycled paper with soy ink, with a discount code for 10%, so you can keep the cycle going and help reduce fast fashion waste.

Q: Can I request to NOT receive a certain type of silhouette?

A: We always want to try to accommodate all our customer requests, that being said we currently we do not have this option in our style profile but if you email us we can try to accommodate your request but cannot guarantee a specific style will be in your box every month.

Q: How do I care for my jewelry?

A: Check out our editorial post on tips and tricks for premium jewelry care!

Q: What is the jewelry made of?

A: Our parent company manufactures sterling silver, silver or gold plated brass and costume jewelry. Reclaimed with Love upcycles pieces from our line rather than destroying them. We do curate the boxes based on your requests and what’s available each month so it’s not necessarily one material or the other. It’s rarely costume jewelry and primarily sterling or brass with premium plating as well as sustainably sourced materials like cubic zirconia, crystals, marcasite, and semi-precious stones. Our jewelry is lead and nickel free and in compliance with Proposition

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Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: We will miss you! To cancel, you can log into My Account and click on My Subscription, here you can select the option to cancel your subscription.

You may cancel your subscription any time before your monthly renewal date hits. Once your subscription is renewed and payment is processed, we cannot process any cancellations until the following month’s order.

Q: How can I change my subscription?

A: Although we do not have the option to pause your subscription, you can always re-subscribe in My Account if you cancel your subscription. 

Q: How do I change my payment method?

A: Log into My Account and click on Payment Methods, here you can select the option to add and remove a payment method.

Q: I forgot to add promo code before checkout is it too late?

A: Unfortunately, once an order is placed there is no way to add promo code but if you reach out to our team we can make sure the promo code is applied to next month’s box.

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